Thursday, August 25, 2011


So this week has been bitter sweet, with Landon moving from pre k at a school i just adored and trusted with his life, into kinder where i dont know the teacher and a place where landon will be exposed to more than his sheltered little christian school exposed him to....I am SO proud of how well he has adjusted so far. He didnt even look nervous on his first day, just happy to be like his big bubba :) but i didnt handle it so well. I just cant believe how quickly he has grown. Logan has adjusted wonderfully as well, of course he has been at this school for 5 years now so he is pretty comfortable there. I am so proud of him too, such a sweet thoughtful child....God im blessed.

Then there was the test on tuesday that i bombed....ive been giving myself a pass due to all we have gone through lately, but now im starting to consider myself a grade A slacker....I have to make two solid B's to pass this class on my next two tests so im askin for prayers that i will stay focused and not loose sight of the goal.

And then there was Jason's appt today with the oncologist, A. i wasnt able to miss anymore classes due to all i have missed thus far, and so i couldnt go with him which just tore my heart out of my chest. For him to have to sit in a room and listen to the doctor explain such complicated procedures and treatments ALONE just makes me ill....but then to hear how scared and sick it made him feel after he walked into the treatment room, just shoot me in the EYE why dont u.....

After the appointment Jason started to question his predetermined decision to do Chemo, i dont blame him, Chemo is no fun....but i just want him well....I just want him to fight hard so the cancer has no far no decisions have been made, and rest assured what ever he wants to do i will support...but please pray for guidance. We just dont know what to do.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For those...

For those who dont already know....sorry it took me so long to post...i sent this email out last thursday:

We received great news today, CT results came back with no abnormalities detected. What does this mean? Well, it means that his cancer is stage one and the next step we take is prevention oriented. It has a 30% return rate so he was given 3 options

1. surveillance, this means we go every few months for a xray and ct and hope and pray it doesn't return, neither Jay nor I think this is a smart option, 30 % chance is still a 30% chance...

2. Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection, commonly referred to as RPLND, is a procedure to remove abdominal lymph nodes to treat testicular cancer, as well as help establish its exact stage and type. It is usually performed using an incision that extends from the sternum to several inches below the navel. While laparoscopic methods may be used, they have been considered less effective by some surgeons
Testicular cancer spreads in a well-known pattern, and the lymph nodes in the retroperitoneum are a primary landing site during spread of the disease. Examining the removed lymphatic tissue will determine the extent of spread of any malignant disease and if no malignant tissue is found, the cancer may be more accurately considered as a stage I cancer, limited to the testis.
this would be done to lessen the chance of return but the time he would need to recover would be 2-3 weeks.

or 3. Chemotherapy which will lessen the chance of return to about 10% there will be the normal side effects such as nausea fatigue and his hair would fall out. this would be one round of chemo which is about one month.

We will meet with an oncologist soon to go over all these options and make the decision. we will keep you all posted!

We are SO blessed beyond words at the support and the prayers that were offered up on behalf of Jason and our family, we 100% believe God was walking with us through this whole ordeal, the strength he has given Jason and I has been supernatural. I am feeling like i can just break down and have a good cry now.

Please continue to pray for Jason as he makes these tough decisions in regards to treatments and for the cancer to remain in stage one.

Monday, August 8, 2011

God will take care of you....

It has been just a crazy time in our lives, my husband has been diagnosed with cancer and everything that once mattered means absolutely nothing. My life has been put into perspective and God, my husband and my children are constantly on my mind. I have prayed for countless hours for God to bring healing, to give us strength.

I dont mean to be so somber, in fact i have been the very opposite as of late....just being as strong and positive as i can for Jason and my children. We are incredibly hopeful, and the support has been overwhelming. Relationships are being strengthened, and it is true, you find out who your true friends are when things go upside down.

We had the CT scan done today and we are praying that the cancer was stopped where it started. We will know results soon and will keep you posted as to the staging. I am asking for prayer. I wholeheartedly believe that God has already gone before us....there are things that have happened thus far that can only be of His hand. As I write this i have received a text from a close friend who works with the owner of the urology group that did the surgery, diagnoses and CT, apparently Jays Doc is a believer and prays for each of his patients specifically. UM GOD MUCH?

Thanks to family and friends who have sent messages of support, brought dinner, prayed. You all are amazing. Please hear me, forgive your loved ones of any wrong doing, pull them close and love them through their faults and misgivings. Be happy even when your mad, be joyful even when your sad. Let the past be the past and start a new. Because one day u may lose someone you hold dear, and you wont get those precious options again.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011


tomorrow, thursday the 4th, we find out the results for my Jason's Biopsy, he had his surgery and came through it fine, in fact he's up and around like nothing even happened, sore but fine. :) Thank God for that! Please pray we hear good news tomorrow. And if we do not, please pray for strength. Thank you all for the emails and comments of support. God has been good even though we have been through an unexplainable and emotional year of highs and VERY VERY lows. All i care about in this moment is my sweet thoughts are set on him and my God.