Thursday, August 25, 2011


So this week has been bitter sweet, with Landon moving from pre k at a school i just adored and trusted with his life, into kinder where i dont know the teacher and a place where landon will be exposed to more than his sheltered little christian school exposed him to....I am SO proud of how well he has adjusted so far. He didnt even look nervous on his first day, just happy to be like his big bubba :) but i didnt handle it so well. I just cant believe how quickly he has grown. Logan has adjusted wonderfully as well, of course he has been at this school for 5 years now so he is pretty comfortable there. I am so proud of him too, such a sweet thoughtful child....God im blessed.

Then there was the test on tuesday that i bombed....ive been giving myself a pass due to all we have gone through lately, but now im starting to consider myself a grade A slacker....I have to make two solid B's to pass this class on my next two tests so im askin for prayers that i will stay focused and not loose sight of the goal.

And then there was Jason's appt today with the oncologist, A. i wasnt able to miss anymore classes due to all i have missed thus far, and so i couldnt go with him which just tore my heart out of my chest. For him to have to sit in a room and listen to the doctor explain such complicated procedures and treatments ALONE just makes me ill....but then to hear how scared and sick it made him feel after he walked into the treatment room, just shoot me in the EYE why dont u.....

After the appointment Jason started to question his predetermined decision to do Chemo, i dont blame him, Chemo is no fun....but i just want him well....I just want him to fight hard so the cancer has no far no decisions have been made, and rest assured what ever he wants to do i will support...but please pray for guidance. We just dont know what to do.