Tuesday, September 6, 2011


A small update on Jason, we are still waiting for Jason to obtain an appointment with MD Anderson for a second opinion on treatment, we are mainly concerned about the effects chemo will have on Jason's body and we would rather talk to someone else before we make that call. RLNPD is still an option. I will keep you all posted.

Now onto what Jay and I have been doing to keep our mind off of things, we have really grown incredibly close through all of this and have just had soo much fun hanging out together. We decided once and for all it was time to get done all the things we wanted to do to our house done, so we started on our bed room, here is the before:

I could not STAND this color as an accent wall, i wanted a greyish blue color and Jay didnt listen to me when i said this would resemble a fiesta color, and low and behold i was right (which i always am ;) ) it literally took us 5 years to find the time to make our room into THIS masterpiece:
that is the wall our bed used to be on, we added a couch and a TV stand which will eventually have a tv above it, and the bed is turned the opposite way against the wall across from it,

I love the colors!!!
Then we painted the bathroom this beautiful mocha color and added some pictures of the family, and framed the mirror with white crown molding....
another view...
here is what is behind me , the bathtub
And then we redecorated the boys/guest bathroom,painted same mocha color, added a new shower curtain, and some pics....

Next up is the garage.....stay tuned!!


Stacbug said...

I am so proud of you my friends! It looks great and cozy, just the way it should be- refuge from every day :] I Love you guys