Friday, September 16, 2011

My Ranch Chic Cowboy

So this year on our anniversary we are facing some pretty devastating things, however, God is still good and wonderful things have come from the devastation. One of those things is Jason being given the opportunity to participate in a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society that benefits Cancer survivors as a, get this, male model for The Ranch Chic Fashion Show. :)

Not only was he honored that he was asked to do this but super stoked to show everyone his "blue steel" and "magnum" poses. .....well not really but we will pretend he reality, Jason was really struggling with getting up in front of people and strutin his stuff, but with my encouragement, and a lil liquid courage, i said a little ;) he did a FANTASTIC job!!

Here is a pic of the catwalk pre-show

The very cool thing about this show is that not only was there real models, and local celebrities, but there were several models that were cancer survivors, which is why Jason was asked to participate.

The clothes were amazing, i had such a blast watching all the models.

The guy in the picture below is a cancer survivor and is responsible for starting a bone marrow registry called Marrow Match you can visit his website at, please visit his site if you can, VERY inspiring story which is one of the reasons i am SO thankful for last night. We got to meet and visit with several cancer survivors, what a blessing for my husband to be able to connect with people who truly understand what he is going through.

Below is Kens 5 weatherman Bill Taylor, he had me in stitches every time he walked down the runway...hilarious.
And without further ado, here is MY man, my lil cowboy cassanova...

Yes, he did....

But the most amazing part of the night was when the cancer survivors got to tell their stories....this is a pic of our friend from church Wendy, who has survived stage four breast cancer, and continues to fight.....if she can get through it.... then we can get through it for sure!

My man did such an amazing job, and such an inspiration, he had SO many people coming up to him after to thank him and or say they were praying for him....he even had several ladies and lil ladies wanting to take pics with him ;)
Over all it was one of the best anniversaries of our 11 year marriage. I am SO grateful for my husbands present health and for his unconditional love. I don't know what i would do with out him and with out all the amazing support HE provides me. Next year, if you can, i encourage you to attend. It was a wonderful/inspirational time and for such an amazing cause.

till next time!!


Heather Bowen said...

What a great event! I am so glad he was willing/able to participate!! And small world--Bill Taylor was our local weatherman!! LOL

Stay strong!!!! This too shall pass!

BN said...

So so SO amazing!!! And I love how Jason owned the runway! :) We'll keep you in our prayers.

leccers said...

Hey y'all!! Love the blog and I am praying for you both and can't wait to redeem myself at poker! love you guys

Staci said...

thx guys!!

DAVID HAAS said...

I have a question about your blog. Please email me!