Monday, November 21, 2011

Chicken Soup for your soul.....

On this edition of "Jason and Staci Cook Dinner" we have Chicken Soup made in the good ole crock pot. The best thing about this meal is it is SUPER easy and its made with your judgement, meaning you decide what spices to use, of course i can guide you if you'd like....but every one likes to put there own flare on this type of classic meal. :)

First Gather your ingredients like so...

that would be:

15- 20 baby carrots cut up

1 large onion cut up

3 long pieces of celery cut up (im real professional as you can clearly tell by my big vocabulary)

2 jalapeno peppers (we ended up using only one and it still came out ridiculous spicy but use your judgement, the greener the spicier)

1 can of cream of chicken and mushroom (its a combo not two different cans)

Some chicken broth (see im super professional right here :) ) we used reduced sodium and a lil more than half the box.

Some water

3 boneless skinless chicken breasts

Salts and spices of your choosing (we used real parsley, dried celery leaves, some minced garlic, garlic salt and some pepper)

So first you cut up your celery, onion, jalapenos and carrots (didn't take pic of onions or jalapenos because it was 530 in the am and i could barely hold my arms up :) )

Put the veggies, the three breasts, the water and the reduced sodium (equal parts) and your spices into the crock pot.....
Then....and this is the best part.....set your crock pot on low and walk away :) Come back eight hours later, chop up some avocado to top it off, and you have your self a MEAL like so....



Christie Bryant said...

Wow! This looks so yummy!