Thursday, February 16, 2012

Im in here....can anybody here me??

Hi there, My name is Staci, incase its been so long that u didnt remember..... and this is my good friend Steven Tyler....
SYKE its still me. I really have no good reason to post, just wanted u all to know, that i have NO brain any longer....all my creative juices have left me and its all full of med surg and what has literally driven me bonkers....

But im still here...and well. Waiting till June cause thats when i will gradumatate and be an RN fo shiz!!!

Landon says hey!
Me and my precious boys!

I also wanted u all to know that Jay had his second round of survellience ( CT scans) on the 15th, please pray that the scans come back clean he meets with his doc next thursday!

When i get my brain back i promise to post more!! miss my bloggy friends!


Grand Pooba said...

School. Is. Hard.