Saturday, February 11, 2012

There are soo many...

There are just SO many songs :) diggin right now.....Lets start with my girl Flo (florence and the machine) I mean really, our family has just been SO attacked lately....I cant really go into details about that but i just feel like the enemy has been climbing on our backs and we just cant seem to shake him.....this song....oh this SONG its perfect. take a listen!

And how much do you love snow patrol?? Can i get an amen?

I sing this at the top of my lungs sometimes.....i jus.....well i love it :)

I downloaded this version of adele's Rumor Has it / Someone like you, it is my ALL time fav glee performance....there is such a range of emotions in this performance....LOVE IT

Sigh* Love

Palm of your Hand ( i will learn to play this on the guitar)

Its how i feel.....its so me,

And last but certainly not least....this ones for u babe.

Seriously, check em out....u wont be disappointed im sure of it. :)