Tuesday, July 3, 2012

 It has most definitely been a while since i have graced the pages of my ole blog here, but i must say there has just been so much going on i have not had the time.  I am going to do my best to update you guys in one blog.

It sure has been a wild and crazy ride since i started nursing school back in February of 2010 as evidence by this picture here, i myself have gone crazy too.....

 Apparently so have my kids. Or at least Lil man has ;)

Yes it has been a long road but i have finally finished school and after i pass my boards I will officially be an RN.  YAY ME!! And to commemorate my passing i had some graduation pics done out in Castroville TX.  My good friend from school Robyn is a fantastic photog and so i had her take some pics and I took hers, here are two of my favs....yes im in my scrubs..... fancy i know ;) 

I then took those pics and created my own invites for my graduation, the ones that were provided by the school were horrible, and i couldn't send out that mess to my friends and family so this is what i created and had printed, cute huh??  Yes i blurred the info, just incase your a stalker ;)  

 On the last day of school a bunch of us went out and had some amazing margaritas, I look excited dont I?  They were YUM-O  and i could only have ONE-O  :)

 When I returned home that day (don't make fun of my Galen blue nails) I found this AMAZING graduation gift from the hubs.....no not a manicure, a NEW RING!!!!  I was so shocked i didn't even believe it was real for the first few minutes.....it is absolutely beautiful, completely unexpected but SO appreciated.  I feel so loved.  

 I then decided my hair didn't go with my fabulous new ring so i chopped it all off.  I LOVE it, and it works since it has been about 105 here everyday for the last few weeks!!!  So hot my face melts off every time i step outside....too bad my butt doesn't melt off with it.  :)

To celebrate my finishing school my good friend Manderson and her fantastic mother took me to the beach for a few days....it was so beautiful and relaxing and i feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

 Don't be jealous of my arbor mist......  

I am so incredibly blessed to have gotten through these last 2 years which have been the most CHALLENGING years of my life.....so much has happened along with gaining a wealth of nursing knowledge and I honestly could not have gotten through any of it without my family, and my TRUE friends.  

I hope from this point forward to be updating my blog regularly again.  Thanks for reading!  Till next time!!