Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Join the Reboot!!

 Well today I decided to join the reboot and i started my juicing!  I went to the store and gathered all i needed for a three day cleanse.  I bought the GE juicer from Walmart for about 50 dollars and BOY is it awesome!!  It is super powerful and spits out more juice than the real expensive ones!  

At 8 am- I started with 16oz of hot water and lemon

At 8:30 am I drank my first juice which was two apples, three carrots and some ginger.  

My first drink wasnt too bad.  Pretty sweet and...well carroty :)  About thirty minutes after my first juice drink i felt a rumbly in my tumbly and the rest ill let you figure out!!  Lets just say i had to run!  Let the detox begin.  

10:55 am i made my second drink which included 4 leafs of kale, three celery stalks, one apple, a half of lemon, a half of a cucumber and some ginger. 

I am currently working on this one.  Its um.  Well its TART.  This one will be a bit harder to get down. Wish me luck!!  

12:10 pm well that was rough, getting that drink down.  I am looking forward to a drink with tomatoes in it, hoping that one wont taste  Good news is i have no desire to eat yet!!   Ill be having a late lunch drink, since im not hungry at all.  Be back soon!!

 I had a spa appointment, which was amazing, so I skipped the lunch drink and afternoon snack, which wasnt a big deal cause i wasnt hungry at all.  Ive been drinking water and when i returned i made this drink.  

6:00 pm half cucumber, one red bell pepper, 4 plum tomatoes, 1 celery stalk, half a lime, 1/4 of a red onion, and 2 cups parsley.

Id be lying if i said this drink was appetizing.  But i added some sea salt, a little garlic salt and some pepper.  Made it tolerable.  

10:26 pm- Im hungry.  But I settle for a spot of tea with some stevia :)  

Rough day, except for the spa part.  But i pushed through.  I think now i have a pretty good idea of what i like in the drinks and what i dont like.  I DO NOT like all the lime and lemon, makes the drinks bitter.  So i will sub an apple, and if i need to lime it up then ill squeeze a lil in here and there.  Thats the great thing about this, you can do your own thing just make sure to keep the fruits in the morning hours.  

Till tomorrow!


8 am- 16 oz of water with lemon

8:30 am- i used one pear, one green apple, 2 cups of blackberries, and 6 cups grapes.  This one is delish!!  Really tasty!  

9:00 am- bathroom break.  Good news is i have only had morning episodes.  Sorry TMI but these are important things to mention!!  

12:00 pm-  This one tastes like hot sauce.  4 plum tomatoes, 20 basil leafs, and3 cloves of garlic.  I also added some sea salt, maybe i over did it a bit but its not bad.   

3:48pm - I gave into temptation and had a Lara bar mini. Does it count that they are made from mashed up fruit and nuts?  No artificial anything??  NO?  :( im a failure.  

Im still going to juice. though, I have decided not to juice fast. There are plans on the site that combine juicing and eating. 

The fasting thing is really difficult for me, especially since im not distracted. 

I will begin my job search when we return from a planned vacay at the end of the month, so without a job so all i do is wish i was eating ya know? Chic-fil-a to be exact, but only cause there has been so much talk of it lately it has me craving it. ;)

I have found on any fast that im SUPER grumpy. Thats a bad combination with being a stay at home mom. No bueno. DONT get me wrong i have ALREADY seen a huge difference in how flat my tummy is. And i know that I am detoxing so the grumpyness for the first few days is to be expected. I just need to work with a plan that works with me at THIS moment. This is not the one right now.

I encourage you to work through the cravings if you can, but we are all different.  Start slow and work up to a longer fast.  

So for now ill be the juicing plus food.  Keeping in mind the proper foods.  Less meat more veggies, fruits and nuts.  I hope you enjoyed my short journey!! HAHA.  Good luck!