Friday, September 28, 2012


Yesterday i got the most wonderful news!  

Let me back track a bit.  Of course my readers should know that over the past 2 and a half years I have been in school, working hard to achieve my dreams of becoming a nurse.  Well I graduated in June and passed the boards in July.  I didn't want to apply for anything because we had two vacations set up this summer and I wouldn't feel right about accepting a position and then asking for time off.  However, during my down time I prayed that God would begin working ahead of me, finding the perfect fit.

Those of you who know me, and especially those who were in school along side me know that when i stepped into the NICU i knew it was the place for me.  All along I've been asking God to find a position for me there, in a NICU.  To be honest i never even considered working at Methodist Children's Hospital.  It is THE hospital in San Antonio, and i just didn't feel confidant that i deserved a position in such an amazing place.  I left behind a few organs at Methodist Hospital and even delivered both my children at this amazing place, heck i was even born there.  But more importantly, it is where my dream of nursing was born.  I was cared for by some of the most amazing nurses during my stay as a new mom, one even went so far as to lay her hands on me and pray when my pregnancy turned scary.  The dream to work in that hospital seemed so FAR out of reach for someone like me.  But I remained faithful in prayer and thanks to God for even allowing me to come this far.  I have learned so much and made some life long friends through my journey, and I knew whatever God had for me, would be where i was supposed to be.  

Back on September 7th (the day after i returned from a 24 hour drive from florida )  I was invited to a methodist "Meet and Greet".  I walked in overwhelmed at all of the different specialties represented.  The first line I saw was about 30-40 people long, each waiting for a chance to talk to the Director of Nursing for the NICU.

"Oh no" I thought.

"All of these people, will I even stand out?"

 I heard God's whisper in my heart  "This is what I called you to, now go".

So that I did, i stood in line for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours and had a brief but good conversation with the Director.  I felt great when she asked me to email her so we could set up a time to see the NICU!  After my conversation with her I could have stood in line at any number of other places but I felt God say "no".  So I left, even after hearing sooo many others say "You should apply for every position you can".  To my surprise the Director emailed me that day, and we met a few days later.  She showed me around the NICU and I was so impressed by it.  I cant describe the overwhelming feeling of home I had.  I was then given the opportunity for a peer interview where I felt so at home with the other nurses i could have sworn i was already part of the team.

Yesterday I got the call, and was offered the position.  WOW.

Im not standing here confidant, I am just humbled as anyone can be.  God has chosen ME to change the lives of the precious and weak and I am in awe that I am favored by God.

I am giving HIM all the glory for bringing me through such difficult circumstances over the past few years, for teaching me how to live receiving HIS grace and mercy, and for blessing me still.

If you have a dream, NEVER give up.  Ask God for it and REACH!