Monday, February 18, 2013

Its a Wonderful Life.

Just some random pics of the last few months. 
 My precious boys!!

 Sister and Alex came for a visit!

 Fiesta Texas!

Logan was in a play, he was FANTASTIC!!

Me and my beautiful Mimaw!!

 Uncle Shaun and Landon!!

Mimaw actually doing as we say!!  Getting off her broken hip.

 Me and My baby bro

He and I, my sis, cousin and bro in law went out for sissys bday while daddy stayed home with the boys, I had been working a lot and hadn't been out of the house at all in months.  We checked out the new place by our house (cooter browns) and had a great time!!  

Sissy and cousin Krys

Lil Landon for his bday and in his baseball uniform.