Friday, August 28, 2015


My cousin got married last weekend and we all had a blast! Here we are w my squish! She loves the camera! 

Here are my two boys ready for first day of school in their new schools! Aren't they handsome?!

Logan just keeps growing. He has surpassed me in height and is close to being as tall as his dad and he is only in 8th grade!! Slow down dude! I love his laugh. And I wish he could be a baby again.... Ugh

This squish brings so so much joy to our lives. 

As does smooshy. Hims is so sweet. 

Today is the big moving day. I don't have a whole lot of pics of the house finished cause we have been so busy but this is my favorite part of the house. My bath tub and walk around shower. I cannot wait to soak with a bottle... I mean glass of wine!! 

Ok maybe this is my favorite. I can make and bake some awesome things with my new double oven!! 

I love all the colorful touches too... The green in my cabinets and on my island is stunning. 

Jay and I put up the beams in our foyer and kitchen. It was cool to be able to do that on our own. We have learned a lot in this process! 

Our home is so so beautiful. I am so thankful to those who helped us build it. We owe a lot to our friends they helped out a lot! 

Here's another view of the kitchen before its completed. Still a work in progress. Our cabinets are custom so they are still being worked on as is the backsplash. But I don't care I'm moving in anyway!! 

We close today!! Officially ours!! I'll post more pics later!