Thursday, August 25, 2016


Thought I would post some recent pics since I haven't in so long!! Here are some of the kiddos!

I can't believe how gorgeous and tall my boys are! Logan is already 6 ft tall and almost 15 years old!! Where does the time go!! 😩

This is our precious squishy niece, I obviously didn't have a girl so I just eat up the time I get to spend with her! She is sweet and sassy and just so fun! Brings so much joy to our lives! 

Logan just got his braces off! And just in time for school! 9th grade! Look at that gorgeous smile!! Logan has played percussion all through middle school and is now part of the O'Connor Panther Band. He can't be in drum line till upperclass so he randomly decided to play piano in the pit! He got selected to be in the competition band. Ask me if I even knew that he could play the piano?! Nope! He also got the presidential award for having an above 90 average for all three years of middle school! So proud! 

Before and after! 

This little guy! Those freckles and blue green eyes melt my heart! He was vp of his elementary in 4th grade and this year in 5th grade he is the student council president! Straight A's his whole life and suuuper into taking things apart and putting them back together, all things Lego and mine craft. He is so so funny and set in his ways. Love this kid! 

We bought a camper cause we wanted to be able to spend more time at our family ranch and also so we could travel with the kiddos, one of my very fav things about my childhood was traveling all over the US in my grandparents RV, I had to give them this experience as well!!

We love it and have stayed in it a few times m! So much fun! 

Our home is coming together as far as decor goes, it isn't cheap to furnish a home!! Sheesh! Here is our movie room, we just bought movie posters and had them framed. Now I need a rug and some pillows! 

We finally had the retaining wall infront of the house built and some landscaping. We still have quite a ways to go on that! We love how it turned out! 

Jay still works for wells what he does I couldn't tell you, but he must like it cause he has been there forever. I am still a nurse just no longer in NICU. I work as an Alternate Director of Nursing/ Case manager for a pedi home health company. I do miss bedside nursing sometimes especially the tiny babies, but I love the parents and babies we care for. I'd do anything for them! 

It's a very difficult job but we take pride in our work and at the end of the day I feel like we are making a significant impact in very sick children's lives and that is what I felt called to do! 

Jay and I don't take many pics but here is a few of our ugly mugs 

I know I know but snapchat makes me look decent! I'll take it! 

Our buddies! 

Jay being handsome in Mexico

Our hotel in Mexico and awesome swim
Up rooms! 

Here are three of our fur babies, from left Milo, Beastie (mom is maleficent so naturally we had to have a beastie) and Ash. Thems is so cute. 

Welp that's a short quick update on our lives!