Thursday, April 27, 2017


Recently I've very much enjoyed working on the landscaping of our property. I've always had a green thumb like my Mimaw and now I've been putting it to great use. Gardening is like therapy to me, if I'm not feeling well, if all I want to do is get under the covers and go to sleep it's likely I'll end up in the garden. It's a lot of alone time, I use it to think about my day, weed not only the physically growing weeds but the weeds that are growing in my heart and mind. I start to focus on the beauty and the negative just goes away. I thought I'd share with you the beauty of what God has blessed us with, though I don't deserve even a fraction of the magical mystical land he has provided us. There are all kinds of wild animals that I get to enjoy, foxes, tree ducks, rabbits, raccoons, birds of every color and song and even the hogs are kinda cool.... Kinda. I'm just so so humbled that this is all mine. And i have the greatest desire to be just here, daily, pruning so that new life can grow. 

Tree ducks. 

My front porch and my little watering the flowers.

We just finished building this wall around this island of trees, still deciding what to do with the center... Rocks, or mulch, grass. Not sure yet. 

Wild dew berries, like black berries. I wish I could say I actually enjoy them growing but they are literally everywhere and they are a very thorny plant so I'm not very fond of them. But I love that I can make jam out of them. Waiting for them to ripen more so I can pick some. 

These are wild grape. Popped up out of nowhere! Wine one day maybe?! 

My potting station. Jay and I restored this old 1940's Hoosier cabinet that we found at a flea market for 40 bux. A total steal. Now I use it to store all my gardening equipment and to make my arrangements. 

Like that one! 

And this one! 

Here's an old washing machine I bought and used as a planter. I HAD to have it, would have paid a fortune. Isn't it gorgeous! 

More flowers 

More flowers! 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!  Hope to be able to Post more soon!