Friday, July 25, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday......

So when I saw the previews to "Dark Knight" I was immediately drawn to it. I LOVED Batman returns...I think Christian Bale fits the part wonderfully, and when i heard about the new one I told Jason, WE ARE SOOO THERE!!!

Well, its been about a week now and i still have yet to see it. I have been sad that we cant make the time for it because i truly want to see it, and for those of y'all who know me...i don't DO least not until they come out on it was clear THIS was something i was REALLY looking forward to.

The other night I was workin on some blogalicious business when i happened upon a site that had an advertisement for the movie in the corner of the site. Jason was sitting close enough to notice it and I saw a look on his face that led me to believe he needed to get something off his chest.

"honey, what is it?" I said

"I have a confession to make" he said with a huge smile on his face

This is where my mind went to bad things......he's done something horrible, i thought. What to say what to say.....

"On Sat, when the computers were down at work....I went to see the movie" he said

"what movie" I asked, already knowing the answer

"Batman" he said

Immediately he began to get emotional......and terribly apologetic.

"HOOOOONEEEEEYYYYY, I'm disappointed but I'm not THAT mad" I said as i leaned in towards him to give him a big squeeze.

" I know," he said "But I know how MUCH you wanted to see it with me, and it was wrong of me to go without you"

At that moment I fell deeper in love with him .......

It feels incredible to know that my husband TRULY puts my feelings before his own. That he would acknowledge that he had done something matter how small and apologize means the world. It shows me how very much he loves me and how important my happiness is to him.

Jason, I love you more than you know....I am soo thankful for your friendship and the respect you show me. I do not deserve a love like yours. I am blessed for having you in my life.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Im A Slacker......

Yes, I have no shame in admitting it either.....but i will say i am NO slacker outside of the blogosphere. I work my arse off makin blogger buddies blogs "blogalicious", I take care of two kids under the age of 7, a dog who barks relentlessly, a husband whom although i LOVE truly madly deeply STILL cannot pick up after himself, AND a home that I can NEVER quite keep clean. SO i am super far behind BUT better late than never RIGHT.

First order of business is my AWARDS!!! I know you can not see me but i am all giddy and giggly!!

My first award came from Katy Lin which i received several weeks ago and still have not come down from the high of being recognized. She is a SUPER sweet blogger buddy, who got me into the whole "My Hubby Rocks" thing, which I am VERY thankful gives me the opportunity to honor him and serve him by showing the land of blog how great and wonderful of a man he is. As simple as this is, it has blessed me and my husband in ways i cannot explain....and you simply MUST join in the blessing!! Even though I have already claimed this award and reproduced it to other fine bloggers, i wanted to mention her because i am blessed by her blog on a regular basis!!

My second award, and one i have not claimed and reproduced came from Hot Tub Lizzy, whom i just cannot get enough of. She makes me roll...and she leaves FABULOUS comments on a regular basis, which i admit i am absolutely HORRIBLE at.....just because i don't leave comments all the time does NOT mean i don't read yalls blogs....I DO. Here it is:

There were no rules posted but I think it goes something like this:

1. Post your award in a blog and on your sidebar as a widget.

2. Pass the award onto at least 5 other bloggers that you admire or respect that are Edgy, Bold, Modern, Unique , Humorous or all of the above, with links to their sites and to the site of the awarder :).

3. Make sure to describe why it is you admire these particular bloggers.

And so with out further ado the bloggers in which I admire or respect that are Edgy, Bold, Modern, Unique , Humorous or all of the above are:

  • Patrick- blog entitled "KOG media" or "Kingdom of God Media" this dude amazes me, and will have a special place in heaven im sure of it. What he does is he takes media ie movies, music, tv, etc etc and finds God in them, and writes about it on his site. I LOVE this idea, and secretly wish I had come up with it (well NOW its not a secret). Often times I find myself doing the same....even when I go see a movie with NO expectations of seeing the Lord work i most certainly can almost always find him doing just that. Thank you Patrick for doing what God created you to do. It has blessed me. You should absolutely go check it out.

  • The Internet Cafe- Now I dont know who created this website, because there are several contributors and its not like i expect for them to come accept this award and pass it on unless they really want to....but my point for choosing them is because i do consider them to be BOLD. Anyone who speaks truth the way these ladies do, or sees Christ in simple daily activities as they do, or inspires people as they do, deserves to be honored. I spend almost EVERY morning reading their inspirational stories/devotionals to the Lord. They have truly been a vessel for the Lord in my life, speaking Godly truths to my soul. Bless you women who have done what the Lord has asked of you. Bless you for being "the Church" I would not have gotten through a few days over the last few months without your wisdom. You most definitely should check them out as well.

  • Christie At "Pretty Paper Blog"- Okay so, I know ive plugged my business once in this post but im gonna do it again because i believe that making blogs "blogalicious" is a form of digital scrapbooking, if you will. I have indeed been a huge fan of scrappin, but DUDE it takes sooo much time, and as you can see, I HAVE NONE. So this business has allowed me to be creative in the same way, only online.....and speaking of creative HOLY SCHNIKES....this woman blows the DOORS off creativity....well, if creativity had doors she would blow them off. I am simply AMAZED at what she can do. And if i had time, i would do all the creative stuff she has blogged about. I know that one day when my kids are BOTH in school I can refer back to her blog and be as cool or at least ALMOST as cool as her.....if you are into scrappin or just being creative with paper and or pictures, hell even Chinese food take out boxes...your gonna wanna check this chick out yo!!!

  • Brit at "The Perks Of Being Me"- First of all THIS is my fav design/client so far, and i don't say that to make any of our other clients feel bad, I loved working with you ALL. She was not only great to work with, but challenged me to make her site "HER" and that is why I love Brit AND her blog.....She is incredibly honest about her feelings and doesn't hold back just because of how it might make someone feel. Ironically, she came into my life around the time I was learning that God loves me JUST the way I am and I shouldn't worry about how the world sees me or my flaws, or as God sees it my "perfect mess". If she has a question, she asks....if she feels hurt or disappointed, she lets you know. And to be honest, that is the best way to be. Its called "authenticity" She is authentic, and it shows. She is genuine, and it is a blessing to see. If only everyone could be like her.

  • Christiana at "The Esselman Family" first of all, she has the most adorable children and they make a beautiful family, and I love to go to her site to check out the pictures that she takes.....she is an amazing photographer and it inspires me to be more creative with the shots I take of my children. She makes everything look so simple and yet so ALIVE. I LOVE the shots of the newly engaged or soon to be married couple by the old car....and the bridge. You def want to check her out.

Now to my next award that was givin to me by Ugagirl30 whom I am thrilled to hear is lovin my superman story. I never expected that it would have such a following....I was even told by a GUY I know personally, the other day how much he enjoyed reading our! And I love how she said I am helping her learn to have NO idea how much that some point in my life i needed that too....and it gives me GREAT joy to know that I can help people with my experience. Check out her blogs about her "crazy and happy life" Here is the award, the rules and my choices:

There are some rules that go along with this:

1. Put the logo on your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.

3. Nominate at least 3 other blogs.

4. Add links to those blogs on your blog.

5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

  • Rey at REYLO- I have known this man for a while now, he is a wonderful friend and an amazing example of someone who "walks with the Lord" He truly sees Jesus as his homie and has wonderful insights. He is a friend of mine who has given great advice over the years, and has prayed fervently for me and my family. I am thankful for he and his wife's friendship, without that I may not be where i am today spiritually. Thank you Rey and Jenn for your continued support. check em out!!

  • Melody at "The Hip Mommas Journal" Her blog and photography speaks for itself, if you live in the area, you will DEF want to use her to take pics of your children. I already talked with her about doing pics for me.....i am speechless right now cause i just clicked on her page for the link address and saw what she posted yesterday......there aren't words to describe how wonderful she is with a camera. CHECK IT OUT, you will NOT be disappointed!!!

and last but DEFINITELY not least

  • Danielle over at "Captian Pork Chops"- Their aren't many people in the world besides one of my best friends that can make me laugh like this chick. I NEVER read her blog if I am eating and or drinking anything, because 90% of the time what she writes is ridiculously hilarious. I love the story about being in the bathroom when someone comes to the door......i almost peed my should join the cast of SNL fo sho!!! If you need an upper in the form of a blog, THIS is the place!!!

Sorry ladies for being a slacker......but thank you for the awards, it honestly makes my day.

Love to all!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

My husband Rocks Friday

Plain and simple.....because he puts up with ME!!!!!!
All my whining and PMSin.........
But he also listens to me, protects me, worries about me and my choices.
He loves me........

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Real Raggin Wed

Okay girls time for this weeks edition of "Real Raggin Wednesday" Here are the rules

My rag this week is towards the person who first decided Jesse or Jessy or Jessie, is a unisex name.....why must you have done this to me?

So I'm drivin along, driving along drivin along when I decide,

"hey, why not use my gift card to massage envy."

I was on my way home from droppin off the kiddos at mimaws for a visit, and I had been staring at the computer all day, which gave me a heck of a crick in my neck, so i figured

"lets do this."

I really went in just to check it out. I hadn't ever been to Massage Envy and had no idea how it worked.

"Hi, I got a gift card from my friend for my birthday, and i wanted to come in and find out whats next in the process."

"Oh well have you ever been to massage envy before"

This is where I gave her a sarcastic "no"

"Okay well when you are a first time customer you receive your first hour massage at the cost of 39.99, so this 45 dollar gift card will cover your massage and 6 dollars towards gratuity."

"Do you have time for one now?"

"Jessy has an opening in about 10 mins."

This my friends is where things went wrong........

You see.....I am a rather modest person....when it comes to my matter how much i weigh or how great my tan is, I don't DO being half naked. In a room. With a guy rubbin all over me. Its just awkward.

So when the woman says Jesse, I'm thinking "OH Jessy Spannow"....or "Jessica Simpson", you know JESSY shes a girl....WRONG.

I get situated in the relaxation room and in walks this blonde haired blue eyed 20 somethings Kid....i say kid because I'm almost thirty.....i consider myself no longer of that breed.

"Oh my, you have GOT to be kidding me" I thought.

"Hi Staci, I'm Jesse." "Can you tell me about some of your problem areas?"

I'm thinking "problem areas? " My problem area is the area rightch here that we are currently standing in. But something in me said "Grow up nerd"

So I put my big girl panties on..... and followed him into his room. Oh God I said followed him to his room (i am blushing.....SHUT UP STEPH)

So when we get to the room, he politely tells me that I may undress to whatever is comfortable.....I seriously considered keeping all my clothes on.....

I thought for a second and then realized that I had on a strapless bra....I figured this would be good since the blanket would be up to my neck for the first half of the massage.....and it would make me feel a tad bit more comfortable....


Now, the first part of the massage was delightful.....I completely forgot about the whole "guy" issue....and had almost fallen into a deep sleep when he told me it was time to flip over....

"OH GOD" but he made this easy he held up the sheet so as not to get a peek at anything inappropriate......and then when he began to drape the sheets so as to work on my back......this is where things got the most awkward of all.

He gently tapped my shoulder and said

"Staci, would you mind if i undid this for you so that I can work on your back?"

*ahem* "sure" voice cracking

I could feel my whole body turn red, but i sooo could not contain myself from laughing like a 13 year old.....he must have gotten a good chuckle out of it as well. husbands gonna LOVE this story. And boy did he....and so did every other person i told.....I had numerous jokes where they asked "did he do it one handed?"

Oh the HORROR!!!!

So I am seriously disgruntled with the person who first decided it was a good idea to name their son Jesse!!!

But I guess I can let this one go......for time i will make sure to ask up front for a woman.


Sunday, July 13, 2008


Okay, now I am as big a Disney movie fan as they come.......but this movie has outdone them all!!! I say this in MY opinion of course. But you simply MUST see this movie.

Picture Logan Landon and then Me with snot running outta my nose and tears trailing my cheeks.....yeah, embarrassing........

It was the most beautiful story line I had ever seen, and yet there was practically NO dialogue for the first half of the movie....I have a two year old people......if he could sit through it ANYONE CAN!!! I mean to tell you he was glued. And I KNOW he understood what was going on because he kept reaching over to love on me. Every now and again i would feel his lil hand come and grab mine, or i would feel him begin to rub my back.....isn't that the sweetest thing you ever heard? Seriously....that didn't help my blubbering. :)

First of all Wall-e was the cutest darn thing this side of the Pecos. It totally took me back to the days when Short Circuit was popular......One of my Bee Fris Amy totally mentioned that before I went in, and she was right, he sort of looked and even slightly acted like Number 5, but most importantly grabs your heart in the same way.......

Then there was Eve or as Wall-e calls her EVE-A, she was rad!!! She totally kicked butt!!! And has a soft side as well.

Like I said there was hardly any dialogue but it didn't matter at all because you understood the emotion without it.

Finally when humans come into the picture, they do an amazing job at making you realize how beautiful our world is and how important it is to take care of it. And how we ought to not just survive but LIVE!!!

Finally I would like to note that there is a ROACH in this movie.......if I can get past this my friends and STILL enjoy it.......well then you know it is a movie worth watching.

Friday, July 11, 2008

My Husband Rocks Fridays.....

My husband is and always has been the most humble man I know, you will never hear him brag about himself, or any of his accomplishments (unless of course its about this lil family he has created) he has always kept quite about the things that matter most to the majority of money, material possessions etc etc...... I have always admired that about him and wished I could walk in such humility as he......

Yesterday Jason received some "not so good news" where his job is concerned. I wont go into detail but it has affected him significantly. He kept to himself most of the day (he had yesterday off) and seemed sorta standoffish. Because of my many insecurities I of course thought I had done something wrong.....I questioned and questioned (i would have wanted to punch me) and he just remained calm. Later at dinner, when the kids were done and he could address me without having to upset the kids in the process, he began to tell me the situation......

I watched as his beautiful happy eyes began to well up with water as he said these words:

"All I want to do is be able to take care of you and the kids"

It took all i had with in me to not bust in to tears, but I just remained strong for his sake and reminded him that "the Lord has our back yo"

My husband rocks because he doesn't care about all the material things that we could afford with this type of position, but because of what it will do for the security of our children's future and mine......he is truly selfless......

I love you ninanit!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Real Raggin Wednesday

Welcome to Real Raggin Wed. If you don't know the THIS

I know i know, i am a slacker for being so late in the day, but hey, its still Wednesday!!!

Today, I had a reason, I have been laid up in bed for the majority of the day, unless it was to run to the bathroom for one of two explain would be TMI so lets move on.....

I chose to rag on the waitress from a lovely lil Mexican restaurant called Casa Sol.

Dear waitress,

Next time you grab a glass to fill with ice tea, could you please check and make sure that it does not have a baby roach laying in the bottom of it. That would save you a heck of a lot of trouble when i see it and start going into shock (just so yall know, I have a horrible phobia of roaches) much so that I forget to tell you that I want double rice, because I hate refried beans.....and please if I ask for a beef filled chimichangas, can you please make sure that it is filled with beef rather than MORE refried beans? Maybe it was because you dont understand English.... quite honestly i didn't understand a word you said ethier....but just because we live in San Antonio, does not mean we know Spanish as our second language.....

Now, I cant be too sure because virus' have been rampid lately.....but i wouldn't be surprised if im running to the bathroom every five mins because of this place.....

But I guess since I am such i nice person i will forgive you......but that doesn't mean i have to eat there again......

This was soo lame....but i really dont have anything else to rag about.......

Leave me a comment here if you ragged so i can check it out.

peace out

Sunday, July 6, 2008

God's Voice In Tiny Creatures........

As I sat and pondered the last year of my life I realized that I went through a major transformation. What I have become, or rather who i have become was nothing like I was........

I have grown considerably in every area of my life. And when I think about the amount of time it took to get to where I am physically, mentally, spiritually, I am astonished.

I became to understand that if I just invest the time, in not only myself, but in my God I could accomplish and overcome many things. All day long these verses kept lingering in my mind......

Psalm 139: 13-18

13 You created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.

14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

15 My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth,

16 your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

17 How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them!

18 Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand. When I awake, I am still with you.

Just to know that before my birth, ALL the days of my life were written before they came to makes me feel soo loved.

This past year, although the result being my faith, my marriage and my mother hood standing on a solid foundation, has not been with out pain and heart ache. And God revealed to me something beautiful this past weekend. Although simple, it drives the point straight home.

I happened to be sitting out on the porch of a dear friends family home this past weekend, and the sun had juuust started to set. Over to the left my friend began to point out that it was about time for the humming birds to feed.

Apparently, these birds have their feeding schedule down....I'm totally good with that.....i like schedules, and if i lived here, in this peaceful place, i would spend every morning and evening time right where I was.....watching those beautiful delicate creatures fight for food.

The family hosts three feeders, and each feeder was FULL of lil tiny feet. Although tiny and fragile, these birds are FULL of FIRE!! I mean to tell you, if there wasn't room for one to feed, it would fly waaaay up and spiral straight at the feeder without fear, hoping to scare the bejesus out of their target (one of the other lil guys)

I began to compare myself to these precious creatures....I thought "Man isn't that like me over the past year.....fighting anything and everything that has kept me from my target......the fruit of my survival......"

You see, Jesus, for me. is my only way to survive. Spending time with Him, allowing Him to feed me and fill me with his love, it is the very fruit of my soul. It spins every other aspect of my life into motion, and I have become that humming bird, marking my target and spiraling toward it without fear.....

Naturally, like the birds, to reach their goal may be least it looked that way to me as i watched them spiral into one another. And for me, this conversion has been just that.....

I am drawn to the story of Abraham and his son Issac. Abraham and his wife Sarah had prayed for years for a child, and finally at a rather unlikely age, God blessed them with a beautiful son that God would one day ask to be made a sacrifice.

What would you do?? I don't think your answer would be any different from mine......RUUUUUNNNN!!!! Right?? But Abraham doesn't......he faithfully takes this precious gift to the top of mountain, allll the while on the way up his lil Issac repeatedly asks "father where is the animal in which we are going to sacrifice?" OMG couldn't you just die......

But Abraham only answers "God will provide"

What faith/trust this father had in our Lord......he continues in the process all the way up until the very last second before he has to kill his only child with his beloved and then the Lord intercedes......WOW.....

I am drawn to this because I was REALLY struggling with a particular sacrifice that the Lord asked me to offer up. I am here to tell you I went kicking and screaming.....I didn't understand, and at times still struggle immensely. But I obeyed.

After I had carried my sacrifice up this mountain of sadness, hurt, depression.......I left it at his feet and walked away......struggling to hold my head high......God brought this story to my attention again.....

I can't begin to know what it was like to have God intercede and return his precious gift. But I imagine it only strengthened his already solid relationship with his eternal Father. But I can relate to the pain he must have felt......sheesh I can barely type the story without feeling emotional.....

Listen up people, God never said walking the straight and narrow path would be without pain......if you can find a verse that proves other wise let me know. Some of Gods most influential disciples have had to endure pain beyond what I could ever imagine.......but isn't it amazing how God Always uses those situations to give us hope?? And hope is what inspires us.......

So over the past year I have grown, and I feel security like I have never felt. I am incredibly happy. God is revealing just a bit of his purpose for me everyday. It feels great to just be the me that he created and receive his blessings of love and to hear his sweet voice in places soo unexpected as i did in these tiny birds.

Happy Bday to Me........

First of all thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, it made me soo happy to see all of the well wishes.

Some of yall asked how it was great!!!

Jay got up early with the kiddos, and let me sleep in.....i was in a serious DEAD sleep when they busted in the room with breakfast tacos and coffee singing Happy birthday tooo yoooou!! It was very sweet!!!!! But i am severely happy that noone had a video camera because when i finally recovered from the shock of being awoken out of a dead sleep, and my heart beat returned to a somewhat normal pace.....i looked in the mirror and realized i looked 3 times my age and like i had stuck a metal fork in a light socket!! My hair was ridiculous.........

My parents came to get the boys around noon, and then jay took me to La Cantera Mall to do some shoppin.

Now, let me remind you all that although this mall has a ton of fancy stores and is like walking around in a park (it is out doors and beautifully landscaped) I am NOT a fan......

I just cannot stand to see people dressed like they have just been a model in a fashion show. WHY?? Why do people feel like they have to dress like this just to shop?? Shoot, here i am in my sweat pants a t-shirt and my hair thrown up in a clip and some hot mom walks past me with her Juicy track suit, Gucci sunglasses and Louis Vuiton purse.......i just wanna crawl into a cave. That's not to say i am not fashionable....but only when im out for a purpose, i mean there is a time and a place for this kinda dress people, ie bday party, dinner with hubby....yada yada..... but its not like your gonna pick up a hott date at the mall people!!! And we aren't on sunset blvd. and this is NOT the movie pretty don't have to look like you just won a million bucks!!! okay ill shut up now..... BUT it was sweet of him to THINK that because i am a girl, i would like to shop there. AND this is the closest place to our home that has an American Eagle and Abersnobby..... okay some of yall are rolling your eyes......BUT there are two things i get from these places Abersnobby has AWESOME crop sweats and t's and American Eagle has awesome shorts and jeans, infact i buy ALL my shorts and jeans from there......

Moving along, they both had great sales, i got a total of 6 shirts and three pairs of shorts. AND for those of yall who know know i have wanted to throw my phone against the wall for months now......I have the treo.....which i know is supposed to be one of the coolest phones to have.......DONT BELIEVE THE is sooo not cool.....i drop 90% of my calls and not because of our service.....i would venture to say it is because this is the 2nd refurbished phone we have gotten. SPRINT IDIOTS LISTEN UP, REFURBISHED PHONES DONT WORK, STOP REFURBISHING AND GIVE US NEW PHONES WHEN OURS MESS UP!!! sorry had to get that out!!!

So moving along yet again, we go to sprint and nicely state that even though we signed a new contract in December of last year we STILL have not received our 150. dollar rebate on our bill.....and i also make sure to throw in a rant about how BAD my phone SUCKS!!! We ended up leaving the store with 150 dollars credited to our acct AND a brand new palm (red) that normally costs 399.99 for FREE!!! CHU CHING.....HAPPY BEEEDAY STACI!!! When we get in the car jay totally pulled a napoleon dynamite "Yeeeeessssssssss" "First bday present free!!!!" nerd.

Then we head home so that I can change into one of my new super cute shirts, here i am wearing it. I bought three of these in different colors......

Then we head over to my friend Manda Kay's parents house.

I have known Manda Kay since i was about 8 years old. She and I met at the skating rink and have been buds every since. I don't even really consider her a friend....she is just family now. I call her parents mom and dad, just as she does mine, and if i am ever at her house or even her parents i can just open the door and or fridge without there being any awkwardness..... :)

Mandy just graduated from LVN school and this is a big was a great bday present for me to see her accomplish something like this that meant so much to her. Her parents decided to throw her a grad party and my bday was the only day they could do it this month....she called me up and explained, and asked if i could pleeease stop by even though it was my bday. Seriously, i have bdays every year, this only happens once right? So we headed out there, and they had bought me balloons and a cake and everything, it was very sweet of them to make this special for me as well.

We did two of my very favorite things. We played poker and sang karaoke.

It was soo much fun!!!

Well i better go, my family is coming over today to celebrate......

Thanks again for all the bday wishes!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

My Hubby Rocks

My husband rocks today, because he came with me to "THE ADAMS FAMILY REUNION" that we hold every year at the Medina family is outta control....but ooooo so much fun to be with.....can i get an AMEN???

My husband rocks today because he really didn't feel like going, his back is reeeeaaalllly hurting, but he came anyway because he knows how much i enjoy my crazy family!!!

My husband rocks today because he told me on the way home that hes letting me sleep in tomorrow for my birt-day (thats baby talk for birthday) and hes making me bre-fass (thats baby talk for breakfast)AND hes takin me shoppin......what a man!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Real Raggin Wednesday

Welcome to this weeks edition of "Real Raggin Wed" thank you to Lizzy for reminding me because i was working on the object of my rag i almost forgot....yeah that's how focused I am......

First of all, if you have NO idea what I am talkin about, read THIS.

Okay so today, I choose to rag on, I'm sorry, but I just cannot take it........all I want is for my page to end people....that's it, it cant be that difficult.....and when it ends, I would most certainly like for it to end....Oh i don't know......EVENLY MAYBE???

So like any good blog designer out there I get on google and literally spend the first two hours of my day searchin for a code........NOTHING......even my brilliant friend Chris is STILL searchin.....(hey Chris, sup?) im like an addict waiting for my drugs (that was ugly, I'm sorry) but seriously I'm sitting here staring at my yahoo instant messenger rubbing my hands together cause i just KNOW Chris will come up with far nothing, but I'm exhausted.

I know you guys are like, dude take a pill.....but i am soooo OCD with these types of things, they kill me.

Because I know that Chris can do anything with code and computers....I'm going to go ahead and forgive blogger.....its not your fault that I have messed with the HTML and caused my OCD to take over my body today.......

Your forgiven.....

I am sooo gonna regret this aren't i Steph (considering this is not gonna be the last of our blogger issues)

If your participating in Real Raggin Wed. Post a comment here so i can check yours out!!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance....again

I told yall if i could find that sick group dance from last week SYTYCD i would post it, here it is....i freakin love this song too.......the artist is Charlotte Martin, and the Choreographer was Mia Micheal's (my fav)