Saturday, May 30, 2009

Maybe you've had a similar experience.....

So I have four brothers and one sis, and Shaun (the oldest) is the BEST story teller outta them all. I even remember him telling stories in detail when we were youngins.....with sound effects and all, so anytime he gets goin im like Mary at Jesus' feet just ready to hear it....haha ( thats me and bro shaun to the right)--->

So a few years back he told me this story.....and i tell you what EVERY TIME i hear it I cant help but die laughing because he is so dang descriptive with the details. So much so its like you were there witnessing it all. So without furthur udo here is the story:

I had just gotten home from work and I usually throw on a pair of shorts or something to get out of my heavy work clothes. I should mention that one of my worst fears, if you can call it a fear, is to be in a situation like you were in and be totally unprepared. So anyway, I get undressed down to my boxers and decided I need something in the kitchen. I walk to the kitchen and pass the computer room and see Melinda doing some surfing, and continue on. So I get whatever it was and proceed to just plop down on the couch and watch the tube in my undies, as that is by far the most comfortable you can be.

All of a sudden, and I am going to tell you this in slow motion, cause that's how it all happened, I hear a LOUD scream, which was more like a RAAAAAAAAWWWWRRRRRR!!!! and I knew it wasn't my wife. I froze for a split second to see what was coming next, and I then heard a seriously big KKKEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRAAAASSSHHHHH of stuff falling, smashing and crashing around. My first thought is somebody just busted out of the closet in the computer room and grabbed my wife and they were rolling around on the ground. The next horrible sound to come up was my dogs going totally ape shit, and I mean three dogs barking like they bark when all hell is breaking loose. Now, remember we are in slow motion here, so all this happened pretty much simultaneously. So about this time I managed to stand up....that's it. I managed to stand up and realize I was in my underwear, and I had no way to either:

A: Look scary, and possible scare off the bad guy

B: Defend wife, dogs or myself from bad guy

or C: Go for help, as I would apparently rather die then go outside in my underwear.

So the next thing that happened confirmed what I had already thought, and that was Melinda came, wait......hmmm.......FLYING, yes that's it....FLYING out of the room towards me. Anyone seen a movie where the character is running as fast as possible, usually from a pending explosion, then they do the flying leap into the water/bunker/car/whatever thinking that's going to save them? Well, Melinda, from about 5 feet away, JUMPED into the air and latched around me like a facehugger from the Alien movies. It should be noted that when I saw her coming out of the room, she had bright red scratches down here neck, here eyes were about to pop out of here head, and she looked like she had just been a part of the scariest thing that has ever happened....EVER. As she was running toward me, all I had managed to do was stand up, and start dancing around like I was running in place. Now, what I was really doing was trying to decided if I should run back to my room and get my gun (which would mean going past the computer room where the bad guy could reach out and get me) , run into the kitchen and get a knife, or dive in to the room for some hand to hand combat, but no sooner had I even thought those things did I have a person stuck to me like glue screaming at the top of her lungs. I finally managed to get out a word or two and I was then screaming saying "WHATS WRONG!!WHAT DO I DO!! WHAT DO I DO, DO I CALL THE POLICE???WHAT DO I DO!!" and as I was screaming this I was edging toward our alarm pad on the wall that has buttons on it to either call ems, fire or police. I said that about 10 times, while Melinda was still AHHHH, AHHHH, AHHHH, EEEEEEEE, EEEEEEEE, EEEEEEE, around my neck, and I honestly wasn't sure I was going to stay conscious as she was squeezing the air out of me. Every couple of seconds that RAWWWWWWRRRRR went off again, and the dogs were still going nuts, and I had visions of all of them rolling around with the bad guy, and that the police weren't going to come right away, and I had to do something. Finally Melinda, in between Ahh's and eeee's,started sounding like she was saying something, and I then heard the absolute last thing in the world I thought I would hear. It went something like this:

AHHH, I, EEEE, GOT, AHHH, THIS, EEEEEE, Email....... Now I said what? I asked her again and she repeated it, with the ehh/ahh/ooh's and all. I went limp. It was one of those limps where you realize you were stiff as a board, but didn't notice until you went limp. I went so limp that Melinda started sliding down me like a fireman's pole. I picked her back up as she was still scared, and started walking towards the computer room. Still, every time that scream went off, she tightened around me like a Boa Constrictor and it was hard to walk. I finally made it to the room, and I still wasn't sure there wasn't a fight in there, because the computer chair was on the other side of the room, the key board was dangling by its cord, and the monitor had fallen off behind the desk. I reached up and turned down the speakers and noticed that were on full blast, and got the dogs to stop freaking out, all of this by the way, with her still stuck to me like those Siamese twins on the Discovery Channel.

I picked up the monitor and finally saw the cause of all of this. Melinda had gotten an email, which at the time, was new and people fell for it left and right, but is now super old, but I said to stare at this picture and you should eventually see a ghost, and if you turn up the speakers really loud, you should even be able to hear it. After you are in the zone, a devil face pops up and RAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWAWAWAWAWARRRRRRR, scares you. That's it. No bad guy, no rolling on the ground, no shootings, stabbings, police, blood stains, dog fights, court, yellow tape, chalk outlines, NOTHING, but a stupid email. I was in a state of shock, and couldn't help but start laughing like a madman. I finally managed to pry her off of me and stand her up. She was still a mess, her hair was all over the place, scratches everywhere, eyes bloodshot red, but she'll live. To this day, she still doesn't know how those scratches got there, and we, or should I say I, bring it up everyone in a while to have a laugh. Of course, she tries to turn it around on me, talking about my dance in my skivy's, but whatever.

I maintain that out of all the youtube videos of people falling for that same email, her's would have won something. We could have been on the America's Funniest Video's 100k show if I had recorded it. So I had just a little taste of what could happen when you aren't prepared, so now I always wear combat boots, bullet proof vest, ballistic helmet and carry a sidearm with me no matter what I am doing, well maybe not but I should.....

Just for grins, her is a video of some other poor fool falling for a similar one that got Melinda:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Im....

What I'm wearing.......

This awesome razorback burnout top. I have it in two colors, I'm wearing the grey today....

These AE Surplus shorts only tan....Love them they are like parachute material VERY comfy...although i cant stand how they wrinkle.

What I'm listening too.....

Although I know i can purchase the entire album on Itunes I cannot describe the joy i felt when finding this here CD at a garage sale this past weekend.....for 3 dollars!! Make me holla!!

It has graced the speakers of my Tahoe every takes me back to my childhood when my mom and dad had an 80's band....SOS was played in my living room and on the stage at sneakers in San Antonio many a times.
AND much later when i was in sixth grade and on dates (movies with his parents in toe) with my boyfriend Ty it would be playing in their sweet blue van with the seats that swiveled. haha .
I definitely cried listening to "every breath you take" after our break up when he cheated on me with Misty ( i think he gave her a peck on the cheek) lol memories!!

What Im watching....

OMG tomorrow is the season opener of SYTYCD!! I'm sooo stoked i can hardly contain myself. I will be sitting here on pins and needles waiting for Kat Dealy to say "thee Juudges" I cant wait to see the new cast!!

What I'm thinking......

I'm thinking that Jillian Micheals can kiss it!! Ive been doing "The Shred" for 17 days now and I have not lost a FLIPPIN pound. Now, i will say i can tell my body is changing, but sheesh cant a girl loose a pound as a gift for busting her arse for all this time?? Is it the muscle?? AGGHHH soo frustrating.

Well that's my What Im's for today......what are you up to??

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stace possible

I wish i was like Kim to scale tall buildings, go ninja on peoples arse and still be fashionable and popular.....i mean, if she can do all that she can certainly clean her whole house in a few mins and tackle loads of laundry AND change a light bulb without shorting out all the lights in the house RIGHT??

I might have done that this morning, and it might have taken me hours to get the bottom part of the broken light bulb out of the socket, with pliers....oh don't worry i am smart like Kim possible....i knew to flip the switch before I did something like that. Although it would have just been my luck to electrocute myself.

I wish i was like Kim Possible.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I know i know....its been eons.....but I'm tired of writing about material possessions and unmeaningful things....i want my blog to be what it was originally intended to be, which is to open my heart to others so that maybe they can learn from my experiences....whatever they may be.

Although Kitty Walkers wardrobe on this episode of "brothers and sisters" was fabulous, you wont be hearing about that crap as much anymore.....okay okay i know i said "as much" baby steps people ;)

Moving right along, today was a special day, first and foremost because it was a day about the gift that is being a mother. I may not be the number one mother in the universe, but i ADORE my children.

And number two because God spoke to me. :)

Sometimes i hear from him in the most amazing ways, gently whispering through his creation. You see I have wanted to plant some flowers from the day we moved into our house 3 years ago (almost 4), but my hubby was never the flower kind of guy. We had many arguments about planting only bushes or bushes AND flowers, i could never win so i just gave up. But by golly God works in mysterious ways and my husband decided one day flowers just might work.

So, off to Lowe's we went to pick up all the supplies we needed, soil, gloves, shovels, cedar chips and of course flowers!! I picked the brightest ones, bright pink, bright orange and bright purple. Don't ask me the names of all of them because i just picked the ones that looked pretty ;) remember baby steps. Then i decided since my hubby was such a sweetheart to compromise, i might just do that as well, so we headed for the bushes and picked up some kind of sage....which are supposed to bloom....but not for a year....or at least that's what the directions say....

We worked all day uprooting all the lame monkey grass and unmatched bushes that the builders had planted and lay down the fresh soil and begin to plant our masterpieces. Jay never expected that I would be out side EVERYDAY making sure my babies were watered and given the proper nutrients so that they would grow. He even told me that made me a lil sexier...haha whatever works. :) It blew me away that my babies we growing and multiplying so quickly and soo beautiful they were. Spending time out doors made me feel great and looking at the bright colors made me happy. And then as i was returning from singing at church today, he pointed out that one of our sage bushes had bloomed its first lil flowers...I was so happy....i even took pictures
As I began to take pictures of these cute lil purple blooms i realized how even though the world may say "those flowers will never bloom" "Staci will never change....grow" God says "I AM' "I CAN" does that make sense?
These sweet lil flowers weren't supposed to grow, but their maker spent time with them, poured into them and they grew.....they flourished....their roots are DEEP and nourished. It makes me think about who i am today verses who i was 2 years ago......and i have grown....i have flourished, my roots are deep and i am nourished. Its because my maker spent time with me....poured into me and i grew........
On this day I am PROUD of who i am, and I AM a lucky blessed mother of two precious boys and a wife to an amazing hubby....who planted me a beautiful garden to draw encouragement from.
Happy mothers day to me!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Good Morning Blogosphere!!!

I know Ive been MIA lately but we have been busy busy!! And lest you think i am joking here is a lil looksie lou at all we've finished up over the past week!!

First we have Drury Lane which is a Cake Decorating business. They haven't gotten it off the ground yet but when they do their site will be ready for them to use!!! Check it out live HERE.

Then there is Young Scholars Day School, which is a day care that will be opening in May here in our area. If you are interested and live close by check out their website HERE!!

We have a good friend Kelly who has been needing a blog where she can talk about her "simple life" Check out what we put together for her HERE!!

And we also did a logo for one of our web design clients. With logo designs we give the client three logo concepts to choose from. Once they have made their choice they then have the option to revise four times. Here is what we ended up with

Now its onto her web design and we couldn't be more excited!!

If you are in the market for a logo design click HERE for more info!!

And finally we wanted to give you guys a heads up.....May marks our one year anniversary and we will be having a celebration which is GREAT news for you!! Stay tuned today for news about discounts!!
I promise i will blog about ME soon.....cause i know yall are dying to know how im doing ;)