Friday, June 26, 2009


I will never forget the first time i saw thriller.....i was pretty young.....and I will never forget the time me and my girlfriend mere made a video to "who is it".....I'm not gonna lie it was pretty awesome.... :)

Micheal Jackson, although incredibly eccentric....was an amazing inspiration. He had ALOT to do with the fact that i LOVE to dance and sing. I was a huge fan and he will be missed.

RIP PYT (pretty young thing)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

READ contest......dont piss me off.......:)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

LOVING this song....

I am LOVING this song right now.....loving, living....loving!

Monday, June 22, 2009

A lil blast and a lil bidness....

I had a great weekend, I saw one of my oldest friends tie the knot with a beautiful sweet girl, and got to see alot of the people i grew up with. To see how they have all turned out how successful, talented, and wonderful they all are is such a gift. Here is a pic of the bride and groom:

and here are some of the boys i grew up with (from right Charles, josh, zack, and andrew)

poor things were sweating their arses was i. In Texas we have whats called HEAT, ever heard of it you nice cool northerners???

After the wedding we all headed to the bride and grooms home for some dance party fun!! I had a blast.

When i got home i noticed a bright orange envelope addressed to me....i opened it and there was a sweet card from my bee fri lindz in it....for no good reason but just to make me smile....MADE MY DAY!!!

And then later while playing hide and seek with my babies and their dada landon said the cutest thing....i was hiding in the closet and when they opened the door i jumped out and said something like "RAAAWR" and landon just folded his cute lil arms and said

"momma, you scared my feelings"

O. M. G. that was the cutest darn thing EVER to come out of his mouth......he just melts my heart to the very core!!

It was a very special weekend for me, good friends, good times and precious moments!!!

Now lets get down to BID- NESS .....

We were so excited to release "Harmonic Life & Style" and "7 Clown Circus" last week.

Sally Miller is a Life and Style Coach and came to us looking for a web design to match her very specific business taste. We worked with her closely until we were able to accomplish exactly what she was looking for. We added a flash slide show to the home page to ease people into her site.

Click on the picture below to view the live site.

When everything was complete, Sally was extremely pleased with how her site turned out.

Angie came to us in the middle of a redesign on her home and decided her blog could use a makeover as well. She was ready to rid her blog of its former "scrapbooky" look in favor of a more modern, clean style.

She loves the new design! Check it out by clicking on the picture below.

Thinking of making over your own blog? Why wait? Check us out for all your blog, graphic, Twitter, and web design needs. We're quick and cost efficient and would love to make your place on the internet Blogalicious!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Did you know?? And a GIVEAWAY!!

Did you know that Blogalicious Designs now offers Twitter backgrounds?? And the best part is if you purchase a blog design (or if you have already purchased a blog design) you will get your Twitter background at a reduced price! Go HERE to view an example of what we can do for you!!

I bet you didn't know that we offer personalized invitations or holiday cards either... well we do! Soon we will have invite/holiday card templates for sale on our graphic design page, so stay tuned. Here are a few examples of our cards:

Holiday Card:

Birthday Invitations:

Shower Invitations:

Baby Announcements:

These cards ARE for sale as templates. Interested? Just send us an email! Or would you rather have a custom design for your own card? No problem, just let us know. We'd be happy to design a personalized card for you!

Now on to the GIVEAWAY!

Would you like to win one of these two templates?

Here are the rules:
  1. Become a follower of our blogalicious blog for one entry and leave a comment letting us know. If you're already a follower, just leave us a comment for your first entry.
  2. Post about it on your blog for a 2nd entry a leave a comment with the url to the post.
  3. Send a friend for a 3rd entry. (make sure they comment that you sent them)
We will announce the winner on Friday the 26th of June.

The winner will get to their choice of the template you see here customized to their liking. So get going and spread the news!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009


I feel like i have had so much on my mind that i cant quite put it all into words that would make any sense to you all.....its like all that I have in there, in my head, is swirling around in circles making me so drained that I just decide to say "eh....i don't feel like it"

Ever feel that way??

I like to blog. And i love the comment support from women (and the occasional man) around the world that don't even know me. I love that they can relate or laugh at my dense thoughts. Well sometimes they are dense.... Never the less that's not why i blog..... Primarily, i do it because it allows me an outlet, a voice that would otherwise not be heard....well, except by a three year old and a seven year old who probably get tired of hearing it on a blustering level. Yes, I yell alot.

And I hate it.

Can i be honest for a moment here? Not that I'm ever artificial with my feelings, i guess i just needed to let it be known that I'm about to just puke my disheartened feelings all over the blogosphere.....

so there....let it be known before you continue.

I chose to be a stay at home mother because i didn't want my child to suffer the a nutshell that is the just of it.

I wanted to be the one to teach him (them) his ABC's and see his first steps. I wanted to hear him say "mama" first and not mimaw or nana or what have you. I wanted to teach him his colors, his shapes, to hold him when he fell or bumped his nogin, and kiss him when he went down for his nap......

I did all that, I DO all that. And I am proud of how smart and well behaved they are. They aren't perfect to everyone. But to me, they are the epitome of every way....and i couldn't ask for any child that was more.....

But truth be told, along with this job, comes HUGE sacrifice......


little old Staci.....

I'm not complaining....again, I CHOSE it. And I couldn', wouldn't ever change it.

But here it is..... I'm missing.

I don't even recognize the Staci that I see staring at me from the glass hung on the wall...i see a woman with few REAL friends, a woman whose heart yearns for adult conversation....stimulation, other than the disgusting soap opera playing on the tv at 11 am every day.

I see a woman who barely reflects the vibrant, strong, modest, loyal and kind character she used to be.....and i don't understand.

Where did i go? And how do i find me again??

The answer might be in a bottle..... in the shape of a pill or in the form of liquid....strong, so it numbs the thoughts of suicide from the loneliness, or calms me to the point of unconsciousness...

Or maybe in a club.....with the music pumping........LOUD so it drowns out the sound of my heart bleeding.....

Or I could call that guy.....the one who gave me attention that one time...yeah yeah that'll work RIGHT??


None of that is real, or lasting, or fixes it.

Ill go to my God.

The way I have a thousand times before, and maybe JUST maybe this time I will let him be the one.

I don't write this for your pity.....i loathe pity....i don't need people to tell me it'll be alright. And i certainly dont need for you to stronger than i sound. ;)

I just need someone to hear me. to listen. I hope that's not too much to ask.

Monday, June 8, 2009

More Designs!!!

Here is our latest Design "Choosing Today"

Denise was a pleasure to work with and she knew exactly what she wanted and we were able to accomplish the look within a few days!! I love the outcome and so does she!!

Next i wanted to make you all aware that we are about to launch a new portion of our graphic design line, GRAPHIC ELEMENTS!! You can purchase any of our graphic design elements for personal or commercial use, so look for an upcoming post about when those will be made available!! Here are just a few examples!!

We hope you all had a blessed weekend and a wonderful week ahead!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Latest Designs.....

Hi friends!!

Just wanted to post two of our latest designs.
First is Lulaville
Leigh Ann was a blast to work with, she is alotta rock in roll with a lil bit of sweet all rolled into one! Her design has ended up being one of my favs!! Thanks for choosing us LULA!!

And next is Maria, she was the winner of our latest contest and we couldn't have picked a more talented woman!!

She is an AMAZING artist and we had a wonderful time putting together this work of art for her! If you have time you simply MUST go check out her amazing sketches!

If you are in the market for a new blog design or web site please feel free to contact us by clicking on the link above entitled "Blogalicious Designs"

Hope everyone is doing well. Have a wonderful day!!