Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Loalbo's Go Camping

When i was a youngin i spent most of my summer weekends at a place in Concan, Texas called "Garner State Park"

I cannot tell you how many memories i have of coming here and swimming in the crystal clear Frio river, and roasting marsh mellows....even making new friends!! Some of my FAVORITE memories are of my time spent here and so i figured the boys needed the experience.

When we arrived we immediately got to work helping daddy with the tent.

Here's Logan
And lil Landon

Here's the finished product....they were good lil helpers!

After setting up camp we had to get the fire going....Here are the boys in front of it.

Landon was soo amazed by it....
After setting up we decided to take a walk down to the river which was literally a hop skip and a jump from our site.
Here's a pic of me and the boys and the beautiful hill country

And Daddy and the boys


Jason bought the boys head lamps so they could explore in the dark.

They were REALLY excited to conquer this big rock!!

After our walk we headed back for some dinner....we had hot dogs (which the boys roasted themselves on sticks, and steaks.

When we (me and my bro) would go camping with mimaw and pipaw as kids my pipaw would always make bow and arrows for us outta sticks and string...i made sure to tell jay that he should do the same for the boys and boy did he!! They came out AWESOME and were a hit with the kids at the campground.

Landon was soo impressed with his fire he decided he needed to make one of his own, i can not tell you how cute it was watching him put it all together by he is with his creation!

And with the flash light to make it look like its burning real fire....he even pretended to roast a marsh mellow. isn't he a doll??

And what would camping be WITHOUT roasted marsh mellows!!

We woke up, cooked eggs bacon and sausage on the camp fire, and headed out for a hike.....we had a wonderful time and will be doing that more often for sure!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Lets Get Down to BIDNESS!!!

We have been busy girls and we wanted to share a few things with you today!!

First, please remember that not only do we offer web and blog design, we also do graphic design!! This is GREAT news for you because with the holidays right around the corner, you're gonna want to get a head start on your holiday cards for friends and family!!

Here are some examples of our work:


If you'd like more information about ordering your own Holiday Cards (or any type of Photo Card), click HERE to get started!

We also wanted you to know that we also do Custom comp cards!! A comp card (composite card) is essentially a models’ business card. By using Blogalicious Designs to design your card, you will no doubt make a great first impression! Here is an example of a comp card that we just did for an on-going client:


And finally here are a few sites we've completed over the past few weeks...

Here's What's Cooking: This is a site we did for one of our great friends from church. Steph and I have known Carolyn for years and have ALWAYS LOVED her food. It's about time she started a site sharing her menus! I'll be going every Monday to her site for dinner ideas for sure!!!

CupCake FabuLous: This was a re-design for a previous client. Meleah came to us a while back for a blog with navigation and recently changed up her logo so she needed her site to reflect that change.  We got to work and voila!!

The Purple Pug: This is an awesome website where you can order party supplies, invites, decor, etc.Kristy   decided she needed a blog to talk about all the cute stuff she creates. If you're in the market for party themed creations, this is the place to go!!

And then there's my site! Whatcha think?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Frankly, this is halarious!!

I have read ALOT of funny things in my time...

But THIS. IS. AWWWWESOME (said like scene in the Chris Farley movie "Tommy Boy")

I could go on and on....but honestly, the story speaks for itself....please, partake......

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Youve Been Dying to Know

Wanna know about me??

    001. What is Your Name? Stacers

    002. How old are you? twenty ten :)

    003. What is the link to your website, blog, or myspace? uh your on it so id guess you know that info

    004. Birthplace? In a hospital

    005. Current Location?
    on my couch

    006. Eye Color?
    blueish grey

    007. Hair Color?
    currently poop brown

    008. Height?

    009. Heritage?
    heck if i know

    010. Piercing?

    011. Tattoos?

    012. Singer?
    occasionally, at weddings and bars karaoke style :)

    013. Song?
    i LOVE "sometime around midnight" by airborne toxic event

    014. Movie?
    too many to list

    015. Disney Movie?

    016. T.V. Show?
    Greys, vampire diaries, private practice, rrrw challenge

    017. Color?
    Navy, burnt orange

    018. Food?
    hate it, its responsible for my hips

    019. Pizza Topping?
    cheese, green peppers , pepperoni

    020. Ice-Cream Flavor?
    rocky road

    021. Drink( Alcoholic)?

    022. Soda?

    023. Store?

    024. Clothing Brand?
    who gives a rats

    025. Shoe Brand?
    '' ''

    026. Season?
    fall fo sho

    027. Month?

    028. Holiday?

    029. Flower?

    030. Board Game?
    trivial pursuit...get to learn a bunch of meaningless information

    031. Sunny or Rainy?

    032. Chocolate or Vanilla?
    chocolate....ive been known to consume massive amounts of it in one sitting

    033. Fruit or Vegetable?

    034. Night or Day?

    035. Sour or Sweet?
    sweet AND sour

    036. Love or Money?

    037. Phone or In Person?
    in person

    038. Looks or Personility?
    Personality unless hes ugly ;)

    039. Coffee or Tea?

    040. Hot or Cold?

    041. Goals for this Year?

    042. Most Missed Memory?
    the beach, the traveling with mimaw and peeps, the trees, dancing.....i have lots

    043. Best Physical Feature?
    eyes, or so ive been told

    044. Hypothetical Personality Disorder?
    what the??

    045. Preferred Type of Plastic Surgery?
    where do i begin......

Now its ur turn!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Blog Design and Update!!

So as you can see I decided it was time i mix it up a bit!! I wanted something fun and a lil more colorful!! The pink really makes me those Blogalicious Design girls are awesome aren't they?? ;) I will still be making adjustments here and there but so far so good. Me likey. :)

I wanted to give yall an update as well about nursing school, I had posted about it HERE and i was tied in knots about an entrance exam that i had to take in order to get into the program. Well, I PASSED!!! And will be beginning school in February.

Originally i wanted to start in November but unfortunately the November class was full. I was super bummed :( but I believe everything happens for a reason and I was thinking it through and realized ill be able to enjoy the holidays without stressing about school and extra money going towards child care. So it was a blessing in disguise....seems the man upstairs has got my back!!

Thank you to all who prayed and supported me!! I cant wait to begin this new chapter in my life!

Bear with me....

Please bear with me while i change out the design on my blog. It was time for an update!!