Thursday, April 15, 2010

I love....

I love....

How my lil one cant keep from giggling when mommy washes his feet in the bathtub..... even when i am having one of those "not so happy mommy moments" or im exhausted from the million "mommy I wants" i cant help but giggle along :)

How sweet Logan is to his baby he always gives him a kiss on he forehead in the morning before leaving for school and how he runs to his side when he is hurt.

chocolate :) mmmmmmm, sometimes a lil too much

talking and having my mind stimulated with good conversation......and i love those people who challenge my thoughts.


my flowers in the front yard.....and the freshly stained table and chairs that sit on my porch.....they make me happy :)

my friends, new and old :)

that im nearing the end of the first quarter of school, HOLLA!

even though it is sooo wrong, i love how Landon crosses his eyes when im scolding him for wrong doing.....i have nearly wet my pants holding in laughter when he does that.... "stay strong lil root" :)

my pink blankie ive had since birth that my mimaw made, even though its been washed a million times it seems to hold up and has a certain smell to it......LOVE IT.

my family.

my ipod.....its an ocean of songs that stimulate memories and happiness.....

u for reading this!

the end. :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I had forgotten....

Periodically I remember things that I had forgotten and get a lil chuckle. If you know me i have the absolute WORST short term memory, but have the BEST long term memory.....i mean i can recall what happened several years back down to what i was freakin wearing....but if you asked me what happened 5 mins ago, id tell you "i have no clue, but give me a few years and ill remember" LOL


So im not sure how we got on the subject of children dialing 911.... WAIT!! Now i do!!!! (see it only took me a few hours to remember that!!) anyway, we were talking about teaching your child important safety information in class today and i remembered something that happened when Logan was like 3 or 4

So at around this age kids are able to remember a host of information, so its best for safety reasons to begin teaching them their last name, their address, their home number etc so that incase of an emergency they can recall the proper info to the authorities. You also want to teach them that if something were to happen to mommy or daddy or their care taker to call 911 for help.....i had been stressing this information for a few weeks, going over our address and making him repeat 1#3@2 Filly Valley "f " as in frog (cause most people think i say "silly valley") and going over how to call 911 if mommy wasn't talking or, we were at my mimaws one day for a visit and Logan was in the back room playing as usual and me and mimaw visiting in the front and we get a knock at the door.....

I think you know where this is going....

I open the door and there stands a san antonio police officer......OH CRAP

"Hi can i help you officer" I say

"yes um we received a call from this home but didn't get a response, we came to check and make sure everything was okay"

Here is where I prove to you i have a horrible short term memory......

"yes sir everything is fiiiiine, u might go check the house next door cause it wasn't us"

DURRRR cue light bulb


police officer returns

"nope ship shape, everything is fine at the neighbors" he says

me red faced and all

"loooooogaaaaan" I say

"yes momma"

"Logan, this is officer so and so" "remember when mommy talked to you about dialing 911" I ask

"mmmhmm" he says

"Well, when are you supposed to dial 911" I ask

"when mommy or daddy is hurt" He says

"Logan, is anyone here hurt" I ask

"Noooooo" he says

"Logan, did you dial 911?" I ask

shakes head no

"looogan" i say in a more firm tone...

head drops and shakes yes with his lil lip quivering.....

at this point officer so and so pulls out a huge sticker that's made to look like a badge and he thanks Logan for knowing what to do in an emergency, but to be careful not to call unless he needs them because he could be taking away from someone who really needs help!! He called Logan a hero for knowing what to do, it made his DAY!!

I apologized repeatedly and thanked him for being so kind.

It was pretty precious!!

I remembered....and it made me chuckle!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today was bitter sweet

So today was bitter sweet,

I have been attending clinicals for the last 9 weeks or so at a wonderful nursing home and today came time to say goodbye because we are moving on to quarter two of nursing school..... :(

I must admit at first i loathed going. Not because of the people, just because of the situation as a whole.... These once vibrant, beautiful souls are now trapped in bodies that do not work, and many of them cant perform most activities of daily living, soo they loose their pride somewhere between the diaper change at 0 800 and the shower at 1100 while multiple student nurses observe for the sake of learning.....all the while the family they have left sit on their asses at home, work or what have you and try to forget......its just the worst feeling in the world to witness such precious souls waste away with noone to love on them.

I just wanted to scoop em all up and show them they are loved. :(

Today I watched as a woman took some of her last breaths....when noone was around I made sure to tell her "it was okay to go" and that " Jesus loved her" I just wanted to sit there all day and hold her she wasnt alone. UGH!!

I also made sure to give my favorite patient a big hug and let him know I would surely be back to visit soon.....

although i am super duper excited about next quarter and med super duper sad to be leaving my clinical site.......

today was bitter sweet.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I should be studying.....

I should be studying since im outta the house and in a fairly quiet place, however i get distracted easily and felt like blogging so....i hope everyone had a great easter!! We had a pretty busy weekend as im sure most of you did. Got to chill with some of my girls on Friday night and then Saturday I decided to go to church since I have had NO time lately to go (i know slacker staci) I was sooo hoping for a good time of worship and I was only slightly satisfied.....dont get me wrong our church has some of the best worship leaders EVER, i just wanted more......but all of that doesnt matter much because i saw the most amazing thing that made all my oppinions fall to the way im sitting there singin my lil heart out i happened to glance down and to my left and saw an elderly man who was wheelchair bound being LITERALLY held up in the standing position by another man so that he could worship the Lord. It was just the most beautiful thing i had ever seen......and it just reminded me of how Jesus does the same for me.....when i am weak....what a wonderful reminder on the day we give thanks for his sacrifice. I surely wont be forgetting that example of love anytime soon.

Onto the rest of my weekend, Sat my bee fri came in and we had AH cocktail and watched "why did i get married too" pretty good although we both agreed the ending kinda stunk......should seen clash of the titains. I just LOVE seeing Lindsay, she and I have a bond like no other and i truly feel blessed to have her in my life. I needed a visit thats for sure. :)

Onto Sunday, I was a slacker for some reason this year, didnt feel like getting all dozied up for pics or anything like that but i did take a few. Here are some of the boys and a few of my lil bros. We went a lil crazy with the confetti eggs or excuse me *ahem* cascarones....the boys LOVE that, and im just glad it wasnt at my house cause i would go all ocd on everyones arse, that stuff gets EVERY WHERE.

Log (logan)

Nin's (landon)
yes my child is being gentle with his father, for some reason he was much harder on my head.....must have told him one too many times that he couldnt have anymore candy or he would go into a diabetic coma :) its the nurse in me coming out.

Bug (aka brother barret)

Jakey Joe Bobaribus (Jacob lilest bro) yes i have nicknames for all my family, its a long standing tradition in our family, i cant help it. I still get called "slop bucket" nice huh?

Me and J

My boys are so gangsta!

Anyway, we had a super time on Easter morn with my mom, stepdad and inlaws stuffing our faces with breakfast tacos and then at dads, i think we have enough candy to last until next sure ill consume the majority of it since i freakin LOVE chocolate....its fantastic!! Hope you all have a great week, now im gonna go bury my face in the books!! till next time!