Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scavenger Hunt!!

So yesterday good ole Kristin (one of my girlfriends that ive known since my middle school dayz) put together a scavenger hunt for the kiddos for our other friend Misty's bday!!

U will see the group above from the left Tristian, Leigh-Ann, Misty, Rob, Me, my boys Landon and Logan, Auntie Kristin, and Kara (Misty's daughter)

So first we had to find our green index card clue in starbux and once we found that the next clue was

"This is a place you go to learn your ABC's (misty Kristin and Kara went to school here) Find your clue on the swings and take a silly picture"

So off we headed to Braun Station where they all went to elementary and here is the pic we took
silly, no? :)

The next clue said

"Head on over to my old stomping grounds where I worked as a car hop for years, find your next clue in the last stall, and take a pic with one of the car hops"

Well, we all know Kristin did her thing at Sonic for years so we headed there to find our next clue and took a pic with this lady

She apparently took pics with ALL of our participants!! haha

Next clue said

"Go visit a lil "buddy" Clue: this is the house of one of our players, no need to go inside just look in a bush or two"

Well the boys figured this one out real quick since Kara has a new pup named Buddy, and off we headed to Misty and Kara's house for our next clue

And this one said

"Go where "tag" runs free which is another place someone playing lies go inside and find your next clue and take a pic with tag!"

Tag is Kristin's spazmastic dog (i love ur dog i swear ;) ) and he would just have NOTHING to do with the boys, so i had to get a treat make him sit and have the boys stand juuuuust far enough away from him to fit in the pic....anytime they would move he would freak. :)

next clue said

"your almost done, 1 more place to go. This place has a name of a boat in it the 2nd word rhymes with "pub" kids can go play and fun for adults too, 1st one there is a winner"

So i admit i had a lil trouble with this one and had to call Kris for the answer, but only cause i had never been to the "yacht club" before.

And Im sad to say we were the LAST ones there but i TOTALLY blame it on TAG!! darn u! :) It's cool though, Kris bought all the kiddos prizes which was super sweet of her....the boys got Ghost Busters and watched it as soon as they got home!

Unfortunately we didn't take a pic at the "yacht club", we must have all been too excited about margaritas and playgrounds to remember!!

But just so your not disappointed, here's a nice picture for u instead...

Was i a product of the 80's or WHAT?? MOM! Vince neil wants his hair back!!