Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day, Jason and i usually dont go all out, for me its the simple things in life that make me happy, like a dozen beautiful pink roses!! ;)
Dont they look fabulous in my newly decorated dining room??
And here is the plethora of cards my kids made me, and one from the hubby
and my glass of bubbly ;)

We had a really nice time hanging out as a family, there is a long standing tradition in the Loalbo family that we have adopted at our place called a "snack" we buy a ton of snacky type foods and Jay makes his dad's famous fried artichoke hearts and we sit around the TV and stuff our faces!

It was wondermus! (my new word)

It was a very sweet romantic evening with all three of my boys and a lil pre recorded American Idol! Good times! What was yours like??

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Am A Graduate!

So I am finally a GVN (graduated vocational nurse) now all i need to do is take my NCLEX exam which is the state boards exam and then if i pass I will officially be an LVN!!
I know ive said this a million times but in april i will start RN school and i feel soo blessed to have a husband who supports me like he does, i dont know where i would be without him by my side.
My ceremony was a lil long winded but a wonderful experience!!

Here is me walking the stage, itll be just like you were there!!

Anyway, I had a lot of pictures taken but it was SUCH a bad picture day!! So sorry to all my beautiful family who dont appear in these pics, :(

Thanks to the family and friends who were able to attend,and to everyone who has supported me it has meant alot ! Wish i could have had everyone i love there with me!!!

I cant wait for April!!

(me and one of my oldest friends Manderson)

Friday, February 11, 2011


Play this

That was me this morning at zumba class, yes i love to dance, but i got to the point where i literally did my own thing.....i felt like that, goldie hawn in "The House Sitter" if you havent seen that you really should!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, February 4, 2011

SNOW!! Well sort of!

And we will take whatever we can, as i said in the last post its been since 1985 since San Antonio has seen snow and i tell you what our kiddos were up at the CRACK of dawn to see the wonder that was provided!!

Here is lil man makin a snow angel!!
The result

He gathered some snow in a pail so it would be easier to throw

Logan Man


My mom, stepdad and the boys, they live right down the street so they came out to play

All the kids on the street came out to play hence all the foot prints

This pic cracks me up it reminds me of the one on the post below of me and my bro,
the sun is out now, and its gorgeous, however, all the snow is melting :( but we had a blast while it lasted!! We even made a snow man!!

The kids AND daddy got a snow day!!

Thank you Lord for this amazing morning and allowing my children to see snow in San Antonio!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh Please Oh Please

The last time it snowed in San Antonio, TX i was 5 as u see above, I am now 31!! I pray to GOD it snows tonight so that my children can experience the wonder of snow!!
Ill keep ya posted!!! keep your fingers crossed for us, the weatherman says its VERY possible!! Oh I hope i hope!!!


So literally for almost the 5 years that Jason and I have lived in this house our dining room has been unfinished and half of the wall painted like so:

We had plans to put a chair railing through the center of the room but just never got around to finding the time to finish it...i mean does it help that we have two boys who take up most of our time?? No? :) Well anyway one day i just turned to him and said,

"for the love lets just paint the entire room the same color and get it done!!!!"

So that we did, Jason did most the room while i concentrated on the ceiling cause he HATES taping, its not fun so i took on that part.

Here is the painted room before the decor!!

And here is the finished product!! Id say its pretty fabulous!!

Here is some of the details!

(family sign with our initials hanging)

(picture frame)

I'm so proud of the finished product, the next room we plan to fix is our bedroom!! stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So this past week I get a text message from my best friend Linds with this sweet face that says
"guess where i am Aunt tace"

I immediately freak and say "bring that baby over here right now" (she was visiting her mom here in town) although i didn't really expect her to drop everything to bring em to see me, so i met her and AL at babes so i could meet Emmy for the first time!! EEEEEEEE!!! shes soo freakin cute!! Anyway, Lind's tells me they are in town so Al can interview for a position in Austin and its too bad I'm still in school cause i could have come with her for a lil shopping!! I'm like "DUH silly I'm totally done" and so we head to Austin bright and early the next day for a lil shopping and lunch.

This is lil Emmy in our make shift baby sling, we used Lindsay's scarf were so crafty!!

And here are the three of them! Doesn't Lind's look great for just having a baby 2 weeks ago??

Here's me and my lil Syda, I've always thought Syd looks so much like her dad but she looks soo much like her momma here! Ignore the horrible bags under my eyes, ugh that's what school does to you! ;)

Since i had such a great time in Austin in all the great shops they have i decided i might wanna go back with the ole hubs for a day or two!! I convinced Jay that was a good idea and we headed to the Omni and then to my favorite restaurant "Trudy's" for a lil of this:

(stuffed avocado)

And a lil of this:

(Mexican Martini)
These are what they are famous for, lets just say you are only allowed one that should help you understand, they make you act like this:
Ha ha!! We had a blast laughing at each other and talking, oh and stuffing our faces
The next day we woke up and had breakfast at my other favorite restaurant "Magnolias"

OMG their Miga's are almost as good as Andy Rocha's (i know not everyone knows him but those that do will understand)
Then we walked South Congress and looked at all my favorite thrift stores

Like "Uncommon Objects" and "Lucy in Disguise" if you have never been to Austin it is a treat, you should check these stores out online at :

All in all my time in Austin this past week was so much fun!! I hope to go back again soon!!