Friday, April 20, 2012

Pretty Yard

So we have been doing some serious yard work lately, we have a ridiculous monstrous back yard that we had NO idea what to do with, until one day we saw some amazing azaleas on sale at costco and we went for it.  We lined the back fence with the bujillion bushes like so:

Then we bought a few more rose bushes and planted them in each corner of the back fence like so:

Then we mulched it like so:

We also have been watering the bujesus out of our lil apple tree that survived the drought AND shocked that it is so:

And our rose bushes....sheesh some of the blooms are as big as the palm of my so:

Then we put up some pretty lights like so:

See our empty garden above to the left??  Pretty soon we will plant some good veggies!!

And we also built a shed on the side of the house but we still need to paint it, and we also are planning to re-stain the playscape as well, plus our front yard is startin to look fab as well, so more pics to come!!