Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cousins Camp 2012

 On our way to cousins camp!!  We hold cousins camp every year for all the kiddos in our family, it has been a long standing tradition that has kept me busy for the last few years.  We load up and head out to Medina Tx where my family owns several hundred acres in the amazing Hill Country!  

The views from our ranch house are spectacular and it is one of the most peaceful places around.  

 The first activity we did was tye dye our cousins camp t-shirts designed this year by our cousin Chaz!  LOVE IT!!

 Then we had lunch and loaded up the kiddos to take them to the medina river for some swim time to cool off.  Thats one thing about camp thats a must, it gets REAL hot in texas so the kiddos need it for sure.  

 The next morning i was up before all the kiddos, and this is what i woke up to.  I busted out a good book and read for a while before the chaos consumed me :)

 The beautiful sunrise over the hills

 The next adventure was riding around the ranch in the truck!  The kiddos always love doing this.  My dad took us out on the land and told the kids the history of our ranch land.

 We even ran into a pack of red stag on our drive

 Momma baby and big buck daddy!

When we got to the tip top of the hill we took a pic with al the kiddos.

 And on our way down we found a TON of fossils in an area the rain had carved out on the side of the road.  Amazing!!

 On friday evening the week of camp we always do what we like to call "Fear Factor"  where we make the kids eat gross stuff or do some sort of obstacle course to earn money.  My dad and I always have a blast coming up with stuff for them to do to make their stomachs turn.  This year the list even included:

Dried minnows and dried squid.  FOR REALS!! 


 "WELL ya see here you's got's to eat this jacked up crap, earn points for everything you eat, then you can stick your hand in dog puke (wet dog food), cow snot (green food coloring, cornstarch, and water),  pig intestines (long water ballons with oil) or goat balls (grapes with oil)  to find a plastic egg with money in it."  

I even stuck my hand in just to see how it all felt.  It was gross, and believable.  The kids faces were priceless!  

Logan was NOT having it, he threw a WALL eyed fit about participating! Here he is about to smack the phone from my hand cause i caught him pouting! HA! Hey if you wanna earn the money you got to eat the crap!  

 Muzik you wanna eat some deer poop too?? 

  (it was really chocolate covered raisins but we didnt tell them that)

Here is annie eating a minnow (which was REALLY a minnow) 

 Heres annie throwing UP the minnow :)

After the food section of "Fear Factor" we really wanted to adhere to the good ole Adams family tradition of scaring the BUJESUS out of the Adams family kids.  And you see there is this old legend about the donkey lady that has been told for ages....even when i was a wee lad.  So of course ALL week long we had been hyping this story UP and they were TERRIFIED of the ole the deal was they had to walk ALLLL the way around the ranch house to earn some extra points to be able to stick their hands in the egg buckets.  If they made it around the house without running or screaming they would earn 3 points.  And thats when the Donkey Lady made her appearance. 

 Oh yes we did!!  

 We held all the kids inside while each kid walked around so they wouldnt know what they were in for and it was HILARITY!!  I was soo proud of my little man, he walked all the way around and didnt even scream but when he got to me poor thing was shaking like a LEAF!!

The kids had an AMAZING time, and to top it off all my brothers came up and we sat around jamming together and making memories!! All in all it was a VERY good time!!  Cant wait till next year!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

7 up Biscuits

 Very simple recipe for Yummy Biscuits.  

2cups bisquick
1/2 cup of 7up
1/2 cup of sour cream
1/4 cup melted butter

Cut in the sour cream like so:

Add the 7up like so:

mix until it becomes like bread dough like so:

sprinkle some extra bisquick on your counter and pat out the dough, dont roll just pat 

Melt 1/4 cup of butter like so:

use a small cup to make the biscuits like so: 
 (note, make sure you dont pat the dough out too thin or you will get thin biscuits.  make them thick)

Pour the butter in the pan like so:

Place the biscuits on the pan like so:

 Bake at 425 till golden brown like so:

Butter and Jelly like so:


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Join the Reboot!!

 Well today I decided to join the reboot and i started my juicing!  I went to the store and gathered all i needed for a three day cleanse.  I bought the GE juicer from Walmart for about 50 dollars and BOY is it awesome!!  It is super powerful and spits out more juice than the real expensive ones!  

At 8 am- I started with 16oz of hot water and lemon

At 8:30 am I drank my first juice which was two apples, three carrots and some ginger.  

My first drink wasnt too bad.  Pretty sweet and...well carroty :)  About thirty minutes after my first juice drink i felt a rumbly in my tumbly and the rest ill let you figure out!!  Lets just say i had to run!  Let the detox begin.  

10:55 am i made my second drink which included 4 leafs of kale, three celery stalks, one apple, a half of lemon, a half of a cucumber and some ginger. 

I am currently working on this one.  Its um.  Well its TART.  This one will be a bit harder to get down. Wish me luck!!  

12:10 pm well that was rough, getting that drink down.  I am looking forward to a drink with tomatoes in it, hoping that one wont taste  Good news is i have no desire to eat yet!!   Ill be having a late lunch drink, since im not hungry at all.  Be back soon!!

 I had a spa appointment, which was amazing, so I skipped the lunch drink and afternoon snack, which wasnt a big deal cause i wasnt hungry at all.  Ive been drinking water and when i returned i made this drink.  

6:00 pm half cucumber, one red bell pepper, 4 plum tomatoes, 1 celery stalk, half a lime, 1/4 of a red onion, and 2 cups parsley.

Id be lying if i said this drink was appetizing.  But i added some sea salt, a little garlic salt and some pepper.  Made it tolerable.  

10:26 pm- Im hungry.  But I settle for a spot of tea with some stevia :)  

Rough day, except for the spa part.  But i pushed through.  I think now i have a pretty good idea of what i like in the drinks and what i dont like.  I DO NOT like all the lime and lemon, makes the drinks bitter.  So i will sub an apple, and if i need to lime it up then ill squeeze a lil in here and there.  Thats the great thing about this, you can do your own thing just make sure to keep the fruits in the morning hours.  

Till tomorrow!


8 am- 16 oz of water with lemon

8:30 am- i used one pear, one green apple, 2 cups of blackberries, and 6 cups grapes.  This one is delish!!  Really tasty!  

9:00 am- bathroom break.  Good news is i have only had morning episodes.  Sorry TMI but these are important things to mention!!  

12:00 pm-  This one tastes like hot sauce.  4 plum tomatoes, 20 basil leafs, and3 cloves of garlic.  I also added some sea salt, maybe i over did it a bit but its not bad.   

3:48pm - I gave into temptation and had a Lara bar mini. Does it count that they are made from mashed up fruit and nuts?  No artificial anything??  NO?  :( im a failure.  

Im still going to juice. though, I have decided not to juice fast. There are plans on the site that combine juicing and eating. 

The fasting thing is really difficult for me, especially since im not distracted. 

I will begin my job search when we return from a planned vacay at the end of the month, so without a job so all i do is wish i was eating ya know? Chic-fil-a to be exact, but only cause there has been so much talk of it lately it has me craving it. ;)

I have found on any fast that im SUPER grumpy. Thats a bad combination with being a stay at home mom. No bueno. DONT get me wrong i have ALREADY seen a huge difference in how flat my tummy is. And i know that I am detoxing so the grumpyness for the first few days is to be expected. I just need to work with a plan that works with me at THIS moment. This is not the one right now.

I encourage you to work through the cravings if you can, but we are all different.  Start slow and work up to a longer fast.  

So for now ill be the juicing plus food.  Keeping in mind the proper foods.  Less meat more veggies, fruits and nuts.  I hope you enjoyed my short journey!! HAHA.  Good luck!