Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lil Buddy is a Middle Schooler!

My gorgeous boy has graduated fifth and onto sixth.  I just cannot believe how quick the time has flown by. He is such a kind, smart and handsome boy, with an amazing future! Can't wait for this next chapter of his life! Here are some pics from this morning!

 Me Mimaw and the boy!

Here he is with my mom

Me and my boy

And He and Mimaw again!!

Congrats to my baby or not so baby boy!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Date Night

Jason knows how much I love dance, it is my passion whether it was on a stage or on the dance floor it is something I feel I was meant to do. Because he knows this about me he agreed to give me an early birthday present and drive me three hours away to see my most favorite Choreographer and dancer Travis Wall and his new dance company "Shaping Sound".

First we had dinner at this amazing little italian restaurant "Damian's" which was fantastic, not to mention they had FREE valet and FREE transportation to and from the theatre.....that alone made my night. To not have to search for parking and pay ridiculous amounts of money for a few hours was pretty excellent!!! I was impressed!!  The food was spectacular and the atmosphere was great!!

Once in the theatre things got a little emotional, I looked over at Jay and he had tears in his eyes as he said "I love to see you so happy." I was overwhelmed to see him emotional over my happiness....just feel so blessed to know my husband loves me that much.  It also felt so good to be blessed with this experience....its been years since I had seen a show like this.....I felt so inspired.

If you have the opportunity to see this show you simply must, I had goosebumps the entire time!! Fantastic show!!